Our vendors are always changing. To become a vendor, please contact Jhakeem Haltom at 607-279-3229.


★ Celia’s Pops & Pies

★ Christopher’s Icies

★ Pastor Hicks Fish & Chips

★ Shimels’ Ethiopian Cuisine

★ Lillian Lightborn’s African Summer Dresses, Bags, & Shae Butter

★ Ms. Jennie Graham’s African Dolls & Ceramic Angels

★ Ana Ortiz’s Puerto Rican food: El Cuchifrito Boriquen

★ Roy’s Cuban Food

★ Jodie Washington & the BJM Bright Futures Program Bake Sale

★ Lowis’ Incense, oils, organic bath products, electrical gadgets

★ Aron’s Middle Eastern Food & Pastries

★ Jackie & Damon’s Fruits & Roots Juice

★ Youth Farm Project Produce

★ Congo Square Market’s Fruit & Vegetable stall


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